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Welcome to our copyright removal request page, in this page you can be able to directly submit take down of any content that you think it violates your copyrights.

If you have any reason to believe that one of our content posted on this site (e.g: books, articles, pictures, pages) is violating your copyright or copyright of someone you're representing or search results reference to illegal contents.

All we can say is; please contact us using our contact page. We'll remove it from our site within 24 hours if your provided information is true.

If your material have been posted or uploaded on our site and you want it to be removed, then you must provide written details as listed below.

We Nee Your Information About:
  1. Your name, email and phone number (only to verify the information)
  2. Explain which content is violating your rights
  3. Complete URL of the affected content
Note: Abba Blog will not respond to incomplete or anonymours requests related to dmca take down.