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About Me


This is Abba, and welcome to my personal web portal (abba.com.ng).

I am simple, friendly & humble young man from one of small villages of Nigeria known as Zugachi.

When i am free, i love to write, read, learn and help people fix their own mini problems, because that's what i have been doing for the past 6 years.

I love simple & personal life, i don't care with anybody's company, i just do what i want and don't need too much questions.

Right now i am also multi abba, village fella who have interest on many hobbies

I grew-up in an extended family, almost all my parents, brothers & sisters, siblings & cousins are with me, we have been together since the time i open my eyes and see myself in this world.

My religion beliefs is mine and it belongs to me, i have right to choose any religion which i feel i am compatible with.

Finally Islam is my religion, thank god for the gift of Islam.


In this personal blog, i will be writing on many relevant topics especially educational.

If you want stay connected with my blog, then you're highly welcome.

📝 Abba Abdullahi Garba

⏰ November 5, 2020.