How much traffic is required for adsense Approval?

In this post I'll sincerely answer this question related to adsense approval traffic requirement, because it seems many people have been looking for it on the web.

However I am aware that some fellow bloggers have enough rich and original content published on their blogs, they want to apply for adsense and don't know what is the minimum traffic that is required to get their sites approved.

Honestly 100+ pageviews from search engine (organic traffic) or social media traffic is required for adsense approval. My blog was approved with around 80+ pageviews per day. But my traffic is all coming from search engine.

I'll advise you to use google analytics so that google adsense review team can be able to easily track your website traffic, for faster approval.

In addition my blog ( was approved in 2021, new adsense policy.

Have a nice day ahead.

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