Can I get Adsense Approval without pasting the code?

Wow what a good question to ask? In this post I'll answer your question on pasting adsense code before getting approval. Hope you'll benefit from it.

You'll not get adsense approval without pasting verification code given to you while signing up for adsense, because they're using that piece of code to verify if that site is your and to serve ads on your site after it was approved.

However according to Google Adsense you need to paste the code given to you into the HTML of your page, also make sure you paste it between opening <head>  and closing </head> tags.

If you don't know how to edit your website template advisably google/bing the following questions: "How to edit wordpress template" or "How to edit blogger template" or other similar questions, there's tons of tutorials free for you to consume.

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