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How to create Subdomain and park it on Blogger

This tutorial teaches easiest way to create subdomain and park it on blogger site. I am sure if you've been looking for tutorial about creating blogger subdomain then you're at the right place.

It is creating separate domain also known as subdomain then park it on your new or existed another blogger blog. All provided steps in this tutorial are easy to follow.

But before we dive into our main topic it will be important if we take look at detailed meaning of subdomain and it is function.

What Is Subdomain?

A subdomain is an additional child domain to your domain name. Subdomains are crated to allow users to navigate to different sections of a website.

As a website or blog owner you can be able to create many subdomains you wish on your main (root) domain.

In other meaning according to Wikipedia: In the domain name hierarchy, a subdomain is a domain that is part of another domain. For example, if a domain referred an online store as part of their website, it might use the subdomain

Why do I need Subdomain

Need of creating subdomain comes when you decided to add additional section, niche, landing page or part to your website or blog.

However you may need subdomain when you want subscribers to subscribe to the services you offer like courses, or buy something from your site as described earlier.
Unlike wordpress where you can be able to create separate blog posts page, on blogger it's somewhat possible and impossible. 

You can only create separate blog posts, shop, landing, subscription page and others when you create subdomain and park it on that specific blog.

To shorten this tutorial let us go to our main topic by skipping those additional well-known infomations about subdomain.

To create your own first subdomain on blogger follow below steps. If you didn't understand this direct written tutorial there's video on my channel you can watch it there.

3 Steps to Create Blogger Subdomain

Note: In this tutorial I used Qservers as my domain provider where I create subdomain on my site using Dns Manager.

Step 1: Visit your domain provider site, login to your account and tap on my domains or domains.

Step 2: New page will open, choose your preferred domain from your domains, tap on arrow-down to the right of your domain name, page will pop-up, tap on Dns Manager.
Dns Manager

Step 3: You'll be taken to new page where you can be able to edit your domain dns record, to make this tutorial simpler for everyone kindly add below five (5) A record to your existing dns record and save changes.

Subdomain_name        A record
Subdomain_name        A record
Subdomain_name        A record
Subdomain_name        A record
Subdomain_name        A record

For example do it like I done below.

shop                A
shop                A
shop                A
shop                A
shop                A

After you've successfully added above A dns record to your existing domain dns records then return to blogger dashboard, park your domain, wait for 1-2 hours for your dns to connect with servers and enable https redirect.


Dear blogspot user, I done my best and share this simple guide on creating and parking subdomain on blogger, and I am sure if you follow above steps carefully you'll create and park subdomain on your site.

Enjoy👌, but don't forget to share this post, however if you face any problem while parking subdomain on blogger leave a comment here so that I can do my best to help you out.


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