Solution For Author Invite Not Working On Blogger

Solution For Author Invite Not Working On Blogger

While we're happy with new blogger dashboard we didn't realize that there is new problem coming to our way.

It's problem of author invitation not working after blogger developers team redirect us to the new blogger interface.

blogger author invite

Author invite feature allow blog admins to invite other people via email to contribute with latest posts on their blogs.

Also blog admins make use of author invite feature to transfer their blogs from one email to another, especially if blog is sold.

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Unfortunately email invitation delivery is not reaching targeted invited author's mailbox.

When you invite new author, he won't see email invitation in his inbox.

Oh too bad to hear.

But thank god, this is just story, right now everything was fixed.

Let me show you what to do, to see your invitation email in your mailbox.

New Method To Check Author Invitation Email On Blogger 

1). As usual, login to blogger dashboard > Menu > Settings > Permissions > then invite more authors.

2). Enter your new author's email > tap on Send.

3). Login to your new author's mailbox > Menu > then check Spam box.

You'll see your invitation email massage, in spam box folder.

To Prevent Receiving Author Invitation Email In Spam Box 

Open your invitation mail and mark it as not spam. In future you'll no longer receive author invite email in spam box.

If somebody invite you to contribute, just check your emails' inbox.

Boom, leave comment and share.

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